How to start a business as a student?

How to start a business as a student?

A good education is an important tool in every person’s life. But what you learn in a school or a college is not enough to prepare you for the world. Most of us have a hard time learning about money and if we do not come from financially smart families, it is only a matter of time before we pile on a massive amount of debt.

Student loans are one form of bad debt that haunts every fresh graduate. But you don’t have to end up in debt because of your education.

Instead of getting a fry cook’s job at your nearest McDonalds, why not try a more entrepreneurial route? All you need is a decent idea and the guts to execute it. There are several ways by which a student can start a small business. We will get you started with a few simple ideas. Let them be an inspiration for you to find a good idea that can execute and earn money.

1. House Cleaning.

Kristen Hadeed started to clean residences in her free time. She found it easy to balance her busy academic schedule with this part-time gig. As her reputation grew, more students joined her and created an independent cleaning service company called Student Maid.


2. Become a Mover

People need help in moving from one place to another. A Mover typically makes $200 per single move. That’s a lot more money than pizza delivery tips. All you need is a van and a driver’s license. ‘Bellhops’ was created by an industrious student who got too tired of the minimum wage jobs.



College students can make a tidy sum by becoming tutors. Instead of thinking locally, sign up as a tutor at one of the online tutoring classes. These gigs pay a lot more than in person gigs. If you have a special skill, like math, put your posters next to the nearest school and you will have at least a few teenagers interested in taking some extra classes.


4. Bookkeeping

If you are good at accounting, start a bookkeeping business. You may have to invest about $15-$50 to get started on an accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero, and you can earn around $60 an hour. If you get good at it, hire other students and take a cut from their earnings. This could be just a simple summer job or you can make it into a well-paying business.


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