Differences Between Entrepreneurs And Wantrepreneurs

Differences Between Entrepreneurs And Wantrepreneurs

With the Start-up economy booming, many folks start calling themselves Entrepreneurs just to feel special. If you have a minute, they will explain how their product idea will revolutionize the industry. Meet them a month later and they will ‘amaze’ you with another ‘brilliant’ idea. Such people are called Wantrepreneurs. Because, they want to be an Entrepreneur, but never have the guts to see an idea through.

Entrepreneurs are a different breed of people. When an employee sees a problem, an Entrepreneur sees an opportunity. Here are some of the major differences between an Entrepreneur And Wantrepreneur.

1. Passion

Entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do. They believe in the idea and will do anything to see it through. Self starting business menĀ are beyond ‘convinced’ and can explain a complex business idea in the simplest words. They are driven by ideas rather than money. Most Wantrepreneurs want to create a product to make money. But an Entrepreneur wants to create a business to make a legacy. He is consumed by the idea. An Entrepreneur will keep moving forward even if he fails several times.

2. Action

This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. An Entrepreneur is constantly taking action to fulfil his dream. They take calculated risks and do what they said they will do. They don’t sit on the sidelines to learn something. All their learning happens with sweat and blood. They won’t wait for the economy to become stable, for the summer to be over or for the banks to become more friendly. They don’t make excuses and are not happy if you give them one.

You can identify a wantrepreneur from their excuses. He has an excuse for everything. There is always a good reason for not taking action.

3. Sacrifice

The life of an Entrepreneur is not easy. Often, they are broke or living at the edge of poverty because all their time, effort and money are invested in the idea. They are highly disciplined and willing to wait to reap the fruits of their labour. They sacrifice their comforts to realise their dreams.

A wantrepreneur considers a business as a quick way to riches. He wants everything to be ideal before taking the first step.

Needless to say, wantrepreneur won’t get anywhere. An Entrepreneur will eventually succeed. Not because he is smarter or has better ideas. But because he will not give up.

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