Monetize your YouTube Channel, Watch Out for Sexually Explicit Content

YouTube is the TV for the millennials. Its power of engagement is far beyond any other form of media on the internet. Many people who wised up to its powers have built a solid business around their name brands and have become mini-celebrities. Some YouTube stars have millions of followers and earn a handsome income by endorsements, product placements and monetizing their video content.

Most of these folks are just like us. They don’t have any special skills. But they took a disciplined approach to build their brands and succeeded.

Can anyone start a YouTube Channel and make money? Yes. It is possible for anyone to start a channel on YouTube and monetize it.

There are content creators who put out videos for a specific niche and make money by showing ads before and during the video play. As an example, EpicMealTime creates videos about crazy and unhealthy meals, They earned about $3 million from video ad revenue.

To achieve that kind of numbers, you need millions of subscribers and a steady supply of interesting content.

To be successful, you have to build a massive subscriber base too.

But you do not need a million subscribers to make money. Get your first 10,000 views and you can turn on monitorization. If you are starting from a scratch, i.e. you do not have any kind of user base, getting 10,000 views will be hard. But once you reach that goal, your subsequent goals will become easier.

Some people may suggest that if you put up sex videos, it is easy to get a lot of views. That is probably true. But you will have a problem if some of your viewers report these sexy videos. Plus, they will take such videos down eventually. If you have a lot of sexy videos in your channel, your account may get banned and you won’t be able to create YouTube channels any more.

So, unless you are specifically targeting people who watch sexy videos, don’t use such contentious content.

Using a catchy title and creating an interesting thumbnail will double your views. Sending some traffic to your videos is also not a bad idea as it helps build the momentum. As your content increases and more people watch your videos, YouTube will rank them higher. And that will lead to more views and more revenue.

Keep a close eye on what kind of videos get more revenue and build content for that, paying special attention to the duration. Most people cannot watch a video for more than 3-5 minutes. So instead of creating a one hour video, make a lot of 2-3 minute videos and drip feed them slowly.

Create a template for editing and the amount of work you need to do will reduce.

The more videos you have, the bigger the chances of getting your viewer’s attention. Plus, when viewers see that you have more interesting videos, they will click on the subscribe button.

So keep building content and the viewers and revenue will flow.

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